Stress Pimples
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Stress pimples

What are stress pimples?

Small swellings of the skin, sometimes caused by acne, the pimples caused by stress.

 I am an example of someone who has experienced chronic stress pimples. I successfully cured myself, see the photo on the right ! (I, however, learnt the hard way that antibiotic cream made the acne condition worse)

When I was a Secondary school teacher, I encountered stressful situations at work, after some time I contracted Acne Rosacea (butterfly rash) on my nose and cheeks, I felt embarrassed and upset by the condition, and so went to the Doctor who prescribed antibiotic cream, the antibiotics made the acne go away, but the acne came back when the cream was stopped.

I then found better solutions to cure the acne -which has stayed away permanently!

(I cut out caffeine, stress, junk food, changed my job, used meditation techniques and learned to relax and rest).

The stress process that causes our skin to break out in pimples is related to hormone changes. Excess cortisol and adrenalin are produced in response to stress, both of these hormones cause the oil producing glands in skin to make more oil and this in turn can trigger acne outbreaks and other skin problems as pores become blocked with this excess sebum.

 Having acne breakouts can lead to low self-esteem and generally being stressed-out furthering the vicious cycle of stress and acne, this certainly happened for me, until I reduced stress and changed nutrition and lifestyle.

Other factors that can affect production of pimples/acne:

·      Overworking

·      Emotional issues

·      Obesity

·      Eating disorders-e.g. -Anorexia (not taking in enough nutrition minerals vitamins or antioxidants)

·      Alcohol abuse

·      Drug abuse

·      Food intolerance

·      Drinking caffeine

·      Eating refined food high in fat and sugar

·      Spicy food

·      Lack of sleep (reduced production of Melatonin)

·      Lowered immune system (leaving the skin open to attack from acne-causing bacteria that invade the pores and set up the inflammation that causes pimples and blemishes)

Eating junk food, for example; french fries-can trigger skin blemishes.

Stress pimples
Stress pimples

Address the stress pimples issue and use a holistic approach to manage the cause of your stress:

 ·      Use Scenar therapy for skin, I am a Scenar therapist and Scenar is excellent for skin conditions.

·      Get a food allergy test to check if your skin condition is exacerbated by trigger foods such as dairy or gluten.

·      Consider avoiding trigger foods such as; sugar, dairy products, deep-fried food, caffeine, nut butters.

·      Eat green vegetables, vegetable juices and foods rich in zinc, fruit, unprocessed food, and wholegrains.

·      Drink 2 litres of water every day, water can carry waste material out of our body and it really helps heal and prevent acne flare-ups.

·      Stop wearing makeup particularly around the affected area (makeup can clog your pores, causing more skin flare-ups).

·      Keep your face clean. Do not rest your chin on your hands or constantly touch your face. Regular shampoo your hair and keep it off your face, especially when you sleep.

·      Exercise daily (at least 40 minutes) as it helps blood circulation and elimination of toxins.

Get stress-free, the science of Psycho Dermatology explores the relationship between the brain and skin conditions and the impact of mental stress on the skin and has concluded that there is a connection between stress and skin blemish breakouts:

 ·      Take time out for relaxation and rest

·      Meditate daily

·      Have quiet ‘me’ time

·      Use 7/11 breathing

·      Use Tranquil Mind Relaxation(download on this webpage)

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