Post traumatic stress syndrome

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post traumatic stress disorder symptoms

Post traumatic stress syndrome

Embrace your shadow

Accept the need for change, by facing our fear, we let go.

Most of us live in a world where we have ‘off’ days in terms of our mood,we may be suffering from burnout but then we bounce back and are able to lead a normal life, however, if you have PTSD, it’s possible that you may be finding life difficult.

Could you be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress?

Post Traumatic Stress usually occurs as the name suggests -after a trauma.

Find out how to live in the light

You may have experienced shock when facing certain situations, such as news of a death of a loved one for example, or you may have seen a shocking disturbing incident or you may have even been facing death,because of this, perhaps you, a loved one or friend suffer from PTSD ; find out how you can really help yourselves or others.

If you have complex post traumatic stress discover the causes of post traumatic stress disorder and identify which symptoms are associated with PTSD.

Some of the symptoms of PTSD are similar to ‘a normal response to a trauma’, however, if you have PTSD the symptoms don’t decrease-as they would do if it was a normal response to a trauma.

With PTSD You don’t feel better each day. In fact, you may start to feel worse, however, there is a very very good chance you can overcome this condition.

Read about a real client who overcame PTSD with success.

Read in post stress traumatic how to deal with childbirth posttraumatic stress disorder, how to let go of trauma, gain confidence and let go of fear.

It is so good to find ways of how to take care of yourself if you have post traumatic stress disorder treatment:

Find ways in which you can get support for yourself

Find ways to stop fight/flight symptoms including:

Being creative, ‘paint out your pain’

Use Journaling to let go of emotion

What is PTSD anxiety?

How to get help and how to become accepting, learn to relax, experience calm and let go of anxiety. Find the person within, if you had a good childhood remember what it felt like to have no worries, automatic thoughts etc.

Living in the moment allays anxiety, and to live in the moment means to be ‘with your self’ rather than escaping yourself through negative coping strategies (prescription drugs, TV etc)

If you have PTSD what post traumatic stress disorder symptom do you or your friend or family member have?

There are frequent PTSD symptoms that people experience, including re-experiencing.

Re-experiencing is the most typical symptom of this disorder.

Get help by:

Talking to friends/family

Discovering support groups

Instead of self medicating using healthy alternatives

Read about a real person called Lucy, who successfully overcame PTSD and resumed life happily: complex post traumatic stress disorder

After a ‘normal’ traumatic experience, the mind and the body are shocked.

But as you make sense of what happened and process your emotions, your shock goes, however, with (PTSD), your shock remains.

To get better you need to clear the trauma through therapy.

It is possible to overcome PTSD successfully, particularly if you have the right support, don’t wait for years to get better, stop waiting for an instant cure, seek good quality therapy now, using well trained people to help you with your PTSD symptoms.

Your effective treatment options are covered on this page.

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