Post traumatic stress disorder
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Post traumatic stress disorder

Information about treatment options for PTSD

What is Post traumatic stress disorder?

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a condition in which emotional (and sometimes physical) responses are triggered by memories of a traumatic event.

Some Symptoms of Post traumatic stress disorder


Panic attacks



Some causes of PTSD are:


Car crash

Combat exposure

Rape/sexual assault

It is possible that some people may have had a lifetime of PTSD symptoms because they have had no treatment.

It is clear that PTSD causes much suffering so help yourself; there is real help to overcome PTSD.

Effective treatment options for PTSD in conjunction with a therapist as below:


You can use hypnotherapy safely to unlock stored emotion and revisit and explore the trauma from a different perspective. After doing a case study (an assessment of your personal situation) your hypnotherapy

Practitioner may use a combination of or on it’s own:

· Cognitive hypnotherapy

· Analytical hypnotherapy

· Suggestion hypnotherapy

Using Hypnotherapy, you are able to work with your unconscious mind so that negative beliefs which were built up during the trauma can be explored and let go of.

Exposure therapy

This involves creating a comprehensive present tense story of exactly what happened, then making an audio recording of the trauma and then listening to the audio recording repeatedly.

Another form of exposure therapy involves being exposed to sounds/visuals/smells etc, associated with the traumatic event (for example re-exposure to car travel following a car accident).

Cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy helps you to identify and challenge your ‘distorted’ thinking patterns, and for you to really consider the traumatic incident. You may be encouraged to challenge your thoughts by looking at evidence through using cognitive therapy techniques that includes specific questioning by the therapist.

Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)

In conjunction with counselling, the EMDR therapist helps you focus on a traumatic image, thought, emotion/ physical sensation associated with the trauma, whilst you receive stimulation most commonly in the form of eye movements.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy

This therapy focuses on integration of the traumatic experience into your life experience; sometimes childhood issues are looked at and resolved.

Stress inoculation training

With a therapist, your training takes place in three phases:

· Conceptualisation phase

· Gaining skills and practice of these skills

· Application of the learned skills

Stress inoculation training takes time and effort, you have to go through a rigorous program of training over a long period, it can only work if you have a high level of motivation and commitment.

Scenar Therapy

What is Scenar?

The Scenar is a therapeutic hand-held, portable electro-stimulation machine that sends a small, comfortable current across the skin, and at the same time measure the skin resistance to that current. In a bio-feedback mechanism, the current changes frequency and intensity, so the nerves are prevented from habituating to the stimulation, thereby increasing its therapeutic effects. This makes the Scenar different from other electro-stimulating devices.

SCENAR stimulates the body’s own healing resourses.

I trained as a Scenar Therapist over 11 years ago; it is an extremely useful tool for many conditions, including anxiety conditions such as Post traumatic stress disorder. Scenar assists in helping the body and mind let go of ‘dis-ease’

For anxiety conditions such as Post traumatic stress disorder;

I usually use Scenar therapy in conjunction with Hypno/Psychotherapy.

Nowadays thousands of medical professionals are using the SCENAR as an integral part of their medical practice.

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