Post traumatic stress disorder treatment

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Post traumatic stress disorder treatment

Post traumatic stress disorder treatment

Use accreditated qualified Psychotherapists/Counsellors/Hypnotherapists all of whom use well proven techniques to help PTSD symptoms.

EMDR is a technique that is also used with PTSD, PTSD symptoms can be minimised with EMDR treatment, as well as other techniques.

Whilst you are waiting for therapy treatment for PTSD, you can help yourself by:

Letting go of PTSD symptoms through nutrition, visual therapy and journaling.

‘Fight/flight’ is a PTSD symptom

What are fight/flight symptoms?

For some it may be a feeling of panic, fear, being on a state of alert, ready to ’run away’, for others it may be a feeling of ‘overwhelm’, it may be a temperature change in the body, getting very hot, for example.

Surges of adrenaline pumping through your body- ready for running away from the ‘threat’.

If you were in a jungle, running away from a tiger, this fight/flight response would be very useful, however if you are getting the fight/flight response when you are for example, sitting in the office as a response to what a co-worker is saying to you, then this response is unhelpful and stressful!

Post traumatic stress disorder treatment

On a very practical level, the symptoms of ‘fight/ flight’ are associated with long-term repetition of release of adrenaline, cortisol and other stress hormones; this process has a long-term negative effect on the body.

To overcome fight/flight you need to meet your needs by:

Using natural healthy nutrition solutions

Let go of flavour enhancers such as salt, monosodium glutamate, aspartame, saccharin and sugar- these ‘foods’ provide excess dopamine which in turn over stimulate us.

Eating 3 meals a day of up to 300grams of whole carbohydrates (such as oats, potatoes) enables blood sugar levels to be constant, it is better not to eat processed carbohydrates but eat wholegrain such as brown rice and whole-wheat.

Drink up to 2 litres of water a day.

Avoid caffeine and sugary fizzy drinks, (avoid low calorie fizzy drinks).

Keeping blood sugar levels even ensures that:

Food/sugary drink/drugs/alcohol cravings are reduced,

Our mood stabilizes

Use of self- therapy to overcome PTSD fight/flight symptoms:

Visual therapy

I once had a dream about running away from a lion, waking up feeling frightened, although I did not have PTSD, I did feel panicked when waking up.

The drawing I did as a visual response to the dream certainly helped in expressing the stress I was feeling and made me laugh! This art therapy exercise ‘allowed’ reflection time and I subsequently gained some rest and relaxation to remedy the stress situation.

You can use visual therapy to aid a positive reflective process/recovery from PTSD- how?

Draw/paint/sculpt out your ‘pain’

Use A4 paper or bigger, use pencil, ballpoint pen, paint, in fact use any media (including clay) that you have to hand, draw without thinking, but draw what you feel, you may be surprised at what you produce, you are expressing what is inside you, and this expression helps with the letting go of symptoms of PTSD.

When you have finished your art piece, reflect on the feeling the image communicates, and if the image had a voice, what would it say? Keep an open mind and explore what this drawing activity gives you in terms of your recovery.

Post traumatic stress disorder treatment

Write out your pain:

Start journaling, what is journaling?

A journal is a written record of your observations, experiences and thoughts, however, journaling, used as a tool for self-help, is different to the recording of the events of your life as in a diary.

When you self-help journal, you can:

Write about your feelings and any personal issues that you need to look at, as one would discuss topics in therapy. Writing your story may help you to release emotion.

Set a time limit for journaling for a few minutes a day and then extend the time you write, some people like to write at the same time every day, so journaling becomes like an automatic reflex.

It’s good also to journal before you go to sleep-so you get everything out of your ‘system’ so your sleep is calmer.

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