Low stress jobs

Low stress jobs

Low Stress Jobs

I used to have a high stress job as a fulltime teacher, I loved the teaching contact with the children and teenagers, however, with a young family at the time, I decided to lower the teaching hours to part time teaching and re-skill, resulting in lower stress levels.

For some, a less stressful life may be a mixture of employment and self-employment.

How to make a high stress job low stress:

Although stress is a normal part of life, too much stress can be damaging for our health and wellbeing.

Whether in an economic downturn or boom-time most of us need to work to earn a living so if for the time being you need to stay in your high stress job, so having optimum energy helps stress levels, so take care of your health, there are some ways to make your present job less stressful:

· By getting enough sleep, minimise processed food, sugar and alcohol.

· Using ‘The Tranquil Mind' audio relaxation helps to relax and unwind.

· Daily meditation assists in calming the mind.

· Using Therapy to come to terms with underlying emotional issues.

· Life Coaching assists in goal setting, to help with career and life direction.

What would your ideal low stress job be?

Create your ideal job for yourself, be your own boss-entrepreneur

Being self-employed allows more control over your hours of work and content of your working life, although more risky in that income is variable when self employed, which may be a stressor for some as is a lack of a pension, and working on your own can be lonely. At the start of your self-employment, your home may also be the office, storage room, brainstorming area and you will have to do your own admin!


What are you interested in? If your job is very uninteresting to you, then you may decide you need a job that ticks the ‘interest’ box.

Life Situation

Your ideal low stress job may depend on your particular life situation; if you are single, in a relationship, have a family, have to care for an elderly relative.

Many primary carers of children have education-based employment that fit in with the school timetable

Some stressors of employment are:

Being in ‘overwhelm’, lack of control of hours of work, environment, (sitting in front of a computer monitor for much of the time) monitored toilet breaks, low pay for long hours,however some people end up in high stress jobs because of the high pay but decide at a later date that the stress is not worth it.

What may be the ingredients of a low stress job?

Having control over your own career path

Fresh air and exercise, for example, gardener, farmer, builder

Ability to travel- for those of us who do not want to be stuck in an office (for example, air stewardess, sailor, travelling salesperson).

For some of us, a low stress job would be where we do not need to make decisions, for others, the reverse may be true where we can use our focusing skills.

What are the positive results of a low stress job?

· More energy

· More relaxed

· Better relationships

· Better mental and physical health

· Time for your other interests

Examples of jobs that could be perceived as low stress (any job, however can be stressful):

Computer software engineers, civil engineers, environmental scientists, building inspectors, environmental engineers, carpenters, bus and lorry mechanics environmental science and protection technicians, painter and decorators, science managers, 
 bricklayers, massage therapists, psychotherapists, 
 librarian, fitness trainers and aerobics instructors sheet metal workers, mechanical engineers, hairdresser, part-time teacher, health care workers.

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Meditation for stress relief produces more stress relief than strong stress-relieving drugs

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