Job stress management
People stress at work

Job stress management

Job stress management

Whoever the people you work with, maybe it is co-workers, managers or employees, you need skills to work harmoniously together.

Experiencing ‘eustress’ (positive stress) is beneficial for us, as we need a certain amount of challenges in our job including having goals to aim towards. Being at work means having a reason to get out of bed! Viewing challenges at work can be seen as helping us to progress rather than as ‘threats’, however, experiencing stress and burnout that is not ‘eustress’ may have a negative effect on our mental, emotional and physical health.

Job stress management

One kind of stress at work is stress associated with interactions with co-workers, managers and employees.

There are ways that we can help ourselves that enable us to deal effectively with colleague stress.

How closely do you have to work with your colleagues? In an open office? How often do you encounter ‘difficult’ people? Are you involved in team-based project tasks?

Job Stress management

What are the causes of work-people stress?

· One cause is conflict, causing frustration, resentment and upset. When we put up with harassment, rudeness or emails that upset us but then we don’t challenge the offending person we can be left with a feeling of outrage, so its best if we deal with conflict challenges as they come up rather than leaving them to fester.In an economic downturn it is possible that workers will put up with more ‘hassle’from colleagues than usual, because of uncertainty of employment,also, we can sometimes be scared of the boss and possibly will put up with conflict from this direction.

· We may not communicate our lack of understanding regarding work tasks because we are frightened of losing our job. (We don’t want to look stupid).

· Receiving or giving ineffective communication that includes misunderstanding or misinterpreting information, this may result in you(or others)not being able to do the job properly.

· Feeling exasperated by being interrupted by people at work from being able to finish work tasks.

Solutions to job stress management:

· Deal with conflict, do not put your head in the sand, it is so much better to resolve differences with colleagues using clear communication, using i-messages/i-statement. For example:

“I cannot do the report because I do not have the information that you are compiling” instead of, “you haven’t compiled the information yet”(‘you-message’).

The idea behind i-messages is to use communication that is firm and confident without making the listener defensive.

· Use respectful listening skills that aids communication at work.

· Take note of the psychological model ‘the drama triangle’ (Karpman 1968).It is possible that the roles of victim, rescuer and persecutor are being played out at work, jump onto the success triangle and start to meet your own needs, be assertive, accept others ability to think for themselves, and accept others value and integrity.

· Be friendly with your team members.

· Refrain from gossiping about work colleagues.

· Identify your weaknesses and strengths.

· Stay positive and motivated.

· Enter your office with a smiling face.

· Seek clarification if you do not understand something-by doing this, you create the opportunity for open communication.

· Be easy to talk to, and understanding of others.

· Build and use your social networks as an aid at work.

Use the skills of:

· Sharing information.

· Being firm without being domineering.

· How to accept and give constructive feedback.

Learn how to:

· Take sufficient breaks.

· Manage adrenaline rushes and relax.

· Use relaxation techniques to calm yourself down, happiness lies within you.

· Abide by the rules and regulations of work.

· Make sure you are doing your job to the best of your ability; remember you are being paid to do a job.

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