How does stress affect health?
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How does stress affect health?

Stress affects health in many ways, find out how you can help yourself.

 There is so much to do in life isn’t there?  Studying, having a job, unemployment, being a parent, looking after an elderly parent, paying the rent or mortgage and making ends meet, and involvement with many other life situations, sometimes we end up getting stressed out with everything we have to do and end up getting ill.

Is stress affecting your health?

Does stress affect health? Yes, unfortunately it does, stress affects the body.

Some of my clients are affected by stress and are looking to find methods to turn around their stress issues, eliminating the causes of their stress and finding better coping strategies to manage their lives.

See Acute stress reaction for the effects of stress on physical health.

Stress does affect health

How does stress affect you?

Did you know that stress has three stages? If you are suffering from stress then these stages may apply to you.

·      The three stages of stress that affect your health, may include the ‘alarm stage’ or more commonly known as ‘fight or flight’, when this happens, you may breathe much more quickly, your heart may pound, and you may get strong surges of fear or even anger when cortisol and adrenaline ‘kicks in’. Perhaps you recognize these symptoms?

·      The second stage of stress is the adaptation stage when your body tries to restore itself, by repairing damage and conserving energy, you may still be pumped up with adrenaline though not as highly as during the alarm stage, you may feel angry, tired and irritable at this stage.

·      The last stress stage is the exhaustion stage or sometimes known as ‘burn out’, your heart rate decreases, but it is possible that you now have a ‘stress’ related condition’ including digestive, kidney, or heart problems. If you continue with your stressful life then the alarm stage can continue to be triggered leading to more serious health problems.

See Chest pain stress for a physical effect of stress.

Stress and health

How does stress affect health?

Stress can affect the way we eat.

Eating disorders can also be caused by stress, see; Stress weight gain

How does stress affect health?

There is good news, however, you can reduce your stress using many stress relief techniques and tips found in this website, and  turn your life around positively.

See Thyroid natural health for ways to help yourself if you have a thyroid condition (or suspect that you may have)

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