Causes of workplace stress

Smooth stress away by finding the real cause

Causes of workplace stress

Causes of workplace stress

What does stress feel like?

Stress can feel uncomfortable, and may feel like pressure /tension, making you may feel like you want to ‘get away’, you may not even be aware that you are stressed because you are ignoring or not aware of your symptoms.

Learn to manage and/or eliminate stress.

Some causes of workplace stress

You may be:

Working under time pressure

Have a heavy workload

Self-employed, finding it stressful to run your business.

Regularly required to work overtime which conflicts with your life.

Asked to do night duty- (this can disrupt the circadian rhythm)

Concerned about the viability of your job, especially in an economic downturn

Concerned about lack of training-so it is challenging for you to do the work expected of you, for example, being asked to use new computer programmes.

Causes of workplace stress


Being in debt

Low pay in your job, it may be difficult to cover your living costs

Environmental work stress can be caused by:

· Sick building syndrome

· Wifi

· Using a mobile or hands free phone excessively

Other work stress includes:

· Weather conditions affecting outside workers

· Repetitive manual tasks

· Use of heavy tools

· Heavy, physical workload

· Being exposed to pollutants (a client had developed contact dermatitis from exposure to solvents-he became stressed and anxious because of the unsightly appearance of his hands)

· Excessive noise

· Monotony of work

Causes of workplace stress

Office environment work stress includes:

Office noise (caused by phone calls, conversations, etc)

Hot or cold temperature

Overuse of the computer

State of mind work stress

Feeling undervalued

Lack of respect in the workplace

Feeling like you are stuck in a rut

Lack of promotion- help yourself-what are your overall goals for your career?


Bullying or harassment from workers including boss.

and work colleagues

Dealing with aggressive service users e.g. aggressive children in a classroom, aggressive patients in a hospital

Abuse at home from partner or other

Impact of other co-workers

For example; a worker injects insulin in the open office on a daily basis, in front of other workers-this upsets one of the workers.

Home issues affecting work includes:

Relationship issues

Disabled children with special needs

Being woken up by children/or-aged parents at night so tired in the day, so cannot concentrate at work.

Any work situation has its stressors, for example, outside work on a building site may be cold and wet, your office job predictable and monotonous, your hospital or school job may be unpredictable and stressful.

There are many ways in which you can help yourself deal with stress and work more efficiently.

You can improve the way in which you deal with the various causes of stress at work so you can stay calm and happy.

Organise your work schedule

To help with my daily schedule I have a small notebook that I write in every morning, my to do list, there is only so much that can be done in a day, however, life seems to be that there is always a list-the list never ends, but we have finite energy and time and to help ourselves; we can “live in "day-tight compartments." (Dale Carnegie, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living 1948).

Set realistic time limits for the tasks that you have, so as to ensure that you will be able to deal with all your tasks effectively.

Resolving your relationship and family Issues

Leave personal issues behind, when you go to work; resolve these issues with the help of:

· Qualified therapists

· Self-reflection

Improve your brain function at work by:

Improving your diet, eat foods that improve concentration and boost brain activity; for example, blueberries improve concentration because they contain flavenoids (red fruit and vegetables such as red apples, red grapes).

Taking regular exercise.

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