Avoiding stress
Be inspirational and focused

Avoiding stress

Avoiding stress

Do you want to be inspirational, focused, and successful at work?

This page highlights a course of action that can help

you and positively 

impact your work experience by ensuring a better work/life balance by

 getting enough:

· Sleep

· Exercise

· Fun/leisure

Avoid stress at work

Do you have challenges at work? Perhaps you have to self-motivate yourself at work and if you are tired, this can be challenging.

OK, a certain amount of stress is important at work because it forces you to complete work in an efficient way, and allows you to use your skill of creating solutions to problems, however home/body stress can hamper your ability to effectively perform.


Avoiding stress

It’s awful getting to work feeling tired and exhausted, it’s certainly happened to me, usually because I’ve got to bed too late…….

I know when I am tired I do not work as effectively, how about you?

If we stick to the Circadian Rhythm then our health/sleep will thrive, the hormone melatonin starts to be secreted around 9pm and stops being secreted at 7.30 am, if we go to bed after around 10.00 then it’s possible that our sleep will suffer.

So get to bed around 10.00 at night and get yourself a good nights sleep! Society affirms the use of social stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, which increase stress, levels so cut those out.


Taking regular exercise daily (at least 30 minutes a day- if not more), in your lunch hour -go for a walk around the block, and if you have not time for that after work or at the weekend you can:

· Go for a long walk

· Go for a run

· Ride a bike

· Use a hula hoop

· Do any other athletic activity that's fun and rewarding to you

· Play tennis or golf, with your friends

· Try something different in the world of sports


Avoiding stress

Getting enough rest means your body and mind can recharge, instead of rushing around and taking on too much and going into overwhelm-look after yourself and take it easy after work for at least half an hour.

Make sure you take a regular vacation giving you time to relax and gain a fresh outlook on life.

If you work too many hours without stopping, your body will start to give intense stress signals of illness.


Avoiding stress

Make sure that you do something you enjoy doing at least once a week such as an evening class or meeting up with friends so your whole life is not just based on work (without necessarily drinking alcohol)! Schedule time in your diary for these leisure activities.

What do you enjoy doing (other than watching television)? What feeds your soul? What activities help you unwind and relax?

Here are some stress busting ideas:

· Listen to relaxing soothing music

· Gratitude list. Make a list of all that you are grateful for in your life

· Download some of your favorite songs and sing along

· Put on comfy clothes and read a good book

· Be in the moment; smell the flowers, listen to what is round you…..

· Look through your old photos to remind yourself of your life up to now

· See how high you can go on the park swing!

· Write down all the things on your mind that are worrying you, then do one thing on the list and then put the list away

· Connect up with your friends

· Visit the sea, lake, reservoir, river, watch the water flow…..

· Meditate or try some calming visualization

· Use laughter to beat stress; watch a funny movie, DVD or read a funny book!

Meaning in work

Avoiding stress

Finding satisfaction and purpose in your work really helps you to stay motivated, so looking for the positive in your job will help you keep focused and therefore less stressed.

At work, respecting yourself and others, makes for positive relationships with your co-workers and listening to your colleagues instead of snapping at them, helps yours (and their) stress levels!

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